Are you a multipotentialite?

Wow, that is really good! There are people who have one true calling and some of them know it already from childhood... Some of them.
Then, there are also people who love to do many things, sometimes totally different and when someone asks them "what would you like to become?" then they do not know the answer, for they just like so many various things.

There is nothing wrong with these kids and these grown ups - they are just multipotentialites. People who have multiple potentials, multiple talents.:)
And the good news is - you may apply all your skills and do not have to choose only one! You may become a mathematitian - progammer - editor - writer - fashion designer - portraitist - dancer - circus clown - etc. Or find a combination of all your skills. You are not "married" to one calling in your life! :)

Like me. Maybe you are also one of the kind? 

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