Asukohateadlik meedia

Veel üks väga huvitav artikkel, natuke uuemast ajast, kui eelmises kirjes mainitud "Personal Dynamic Media", on minu arvates 1999. aastast pärinev Ben Russell'i prognoos lokatiivse meedia arengust (Link: HEADMAP MANIFESTO):

"there are notes in boxes that are empty

every room has an accessible history

every place has emotional attachments you can open and save

you can search for sadness in new york /.../

location aware devices

location aware, networked, mobile devices make possible invisible notes attached to spaces, places, people and things.


Real space can be marked and demarcated invisibly.

..what was once the sole preserve of builders, architects and engineers falls into the hands of everyone: the ability to shape and organise the real world and the real space.

Real borders, boundaries and space become plastic and maleable, statehood becomes fragmented and global..

Geography gets interesting

Cell phones become internet enabled and location aware, everything in the real world gets tracked, tagged, barcoded and mapped.

Overlaying everything is a whole new invisible layer of annotation. Textual, visual and audible information is available as you get close, as context dictates, or when you ask."